Next Generation Nepal

In August 2004, NGN founder Conor Grennan left his job at the EastWest Institute in Brussels and set off on a solo, yearlong, round-the-world trip. The journey began with a three-month volunteering stint in the Little Princes Children’s Home in the village of Godawari, Nepal, where he promptly fell in love with the eighteen children in his care. Grennan returned to Little Princes in January 2006, where he once again worked with his colleague, Farid Ait-Mansour.

After many months of working together to ensure that trafficked children in Little Princes had a stable and healthy life, Conor and Farid began to focus on the needs of children outside the orphanage. They discovered that there were thousands of trafficked children who were beyond the reach of the system, abandoned and forgotten, who had little or no food, shelter, or access to medical attention. Conor and Farid spent hours discussing how to protect these children and give them the same opportunities the children of the Little Princes had been given.

Conor returned to America in April 2006, assembled a highly talented and compassionate board of directors and together they formed Next Generation Nepal, dedicated not just to opening a new orphanage to meet a direct need of trafficked children on the streets of Kathmandu, but also to work towards reuniting children with the parents they had been taken from years ago.

In December 2006, Conor met his future wife, Liz Flanagan, an NGN volunteer. Liz would return to Nepal six more times, becoming a strategic leader in the organization and giving much of her time and resources to making the organization flourish.

After two years in Nepal, Conor Grennan moved back to the US in late 2007, and he and Liz were married in March 2008. Together they continue to raise money for NGN and guide the organizations strategic development.

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