Nepal: Strategy and Negotiations

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Everything is negotiable in Nepal, though I’ve never found myself on a tarmac, knocking on the cockpit door of a recently landed plane, in an attempt to convince the pilot to [...]

Humla, with Donkeys

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“You think you can arrange it, Gyljan?” Farid was asking our house manager, Gyljan, to find us porters to carry our stuff. We had decided to camp that night up the [...]

Touchdown, Humla

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Nine of us flew to Humla on a tiny charter plane – it was the only way we could be sure to secure a flight. This was high season, after all, [...]

Nepal: Reunions

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When you find yourself in a heated negotiation, demanding to know whether the proprietor of a shop takes you for a fool because he is charging you the equivalent of a [...]

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